Alfred Basha, born in 1990, Kruje, Albania. Is an artist who lives in Venice. Graduated in Industrial product design at the IUAV in Venice, today he collaborates with international fashion, food & beverage companies and publishing houses, such as Bloomsbury, known worldwide for having published “Harry Potter”.

Art lover, about six years ago he started as an autodidact in the field of illustration and immediately found an exceptional appeal on the web, where he is known internationally: his works are shared by thousands of people on social networks and published on prestigious online blogs like Fubiz, Picame, My Modern Met e Abduzzedo.
The Instagram team choose him for an interview among the most creative emerging artists on the international scene, increasing the following of his community of art lovers from all nations.

The art of Alfred Basha is loved by the public for its expressive power, he loves to draw on paper, chosen for its material appearance, which lends itself well to the decisive mark of the ink. His poetry is characterized by a nature in continuous metamorphosis that leads us to the discovery of our inner self and the presence of wild animals that fascinate the artist as free and wild creatures that he loves to represent in their habitat to express the primordial and intrinsic strength.